Hear It From Aldo Clients

“Aldo helped us find some talented Eastern European engineers who were instrumental to our ability to deliver on a number of critical projects with our key clients. Even with a significant timezone difference, they're very reliable and a pleasure to work with!”

Chris Mele
Managing Director, Siberia

“Aldo is my go-to when I or my clients are looking for talented engineers that *deliver*. The overseas talent Aldo brought in to our projects has been top-notch.”

Michael Forte
Founder & CEO, the xyz co.

“During the pandemic, we needed to build Control Room, a tool to help increase participation and connection in virtual meetings. We partnered with Aldo to onboard Vlad, a Belarusian senior full-stack JS developer. Vlad worked alongside our Austin-based lead developer and was instrumental in accelerating our time to market. I was highly pleased with the experience and the results. Vlad was easy to work with and the product is in great shape!”

Douglas Ferguson
Founder & CEO, Voltage Control

“In the Summer of 2022 we decided to finally start expanding what used to be our development team of one. We interviewed only a handful of candidates before making a decision to hire. The new team member is stoked to be a part of our team and has been writing code of exceptional quality!”

Michael Marston
Founder & CTO, Lunchdrop