The global tech recruiter that will save your time, not waste it.

Aldo is a headhunting agency for finding highly-skilled & affordable overseas tech talent for your company.

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Companies Like Yours Rave About Aldo

“Aldo helped us find some talented Eastern European engineers who were instrumental to our ability to deliver on a number of critical projects with our key clients. Even with a significant timezone difference, they're very reliable and a pleasure to work with!”

Chris Mele
Managing Director, Siberia

“Aldo is my go-to when I or my clients are looking for talented engineers that *deliver*. The overseas talent Aldo brought in to our projects has been top-notch.”

Michael Forte
Founder & CEO, the xyz co.

“During the pandemic, we needed to build Control Room, a tool to help increase participation and connection in virtual meetings. We partnered with Aldo to onboard Vlad, a Belarusian senior full-stack JS developer. Vlad worked alongside our Austin-based lead developer and was instrumental in accelerating our time to market. I was highly pleased with the experience and the results. Vlad was easy to work with and the product is in great shape!”

Douglas Ferguson
Founder & CEO, Voltage Control

Why Aldo

Not freelancers. Employees!

Chances are, you don't want a freelancer. You want a loyal, trustworthy remote employee to become a part of your team and deliver value, long-term.

Transparency & fairness

No surprises and no tricks: we don't take a dollar out of the talent pay, and we keep Aldo fees transparent and fair. The very typical 2-4x markup on overseas talent sounds ridiculous to us, too.

Tried & tested

We do the hard work for you. We conduct a series of interviews to ensure hard and soft skills of all of our talent are inline or exceed the high bar of US-based tech startups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Simplified accounting

You can choose to pay Aldo (a US-based entity), and we ensure the talent received their pay in accordance with their local laws and regulations. Keep your CPA happy!

Hire directly

At any time you can choose to engage—legally and financially—with the developer directly, and we will facilitate the transition. We win when you win!

Empowering developers

We want every developer in our network to be successful and effective. When they join us, they become a part of a larger Aldo community.