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Yes, Aldo Is Quite Special

Developers in just a week

In a rush? No sweat! With Aldo, you snag top-notch devs super fast, in just a week. Say goodbye to those long, dreary waits

Only vetted talent

We're picky, so you don't have to be. Every Aldo dev is handpicked and gone through our 4-step vetting process.

Replacement guarantee

Not quite feeling your match? No biggie. We'll swap them out and get you back on track, fast.

Join the Others Who Rave About Aldo

“Aldo helped us find some talented Eastern European engineers who were instrumental to our ability to deliver on a number of critical projects with our key clients. Even with a significant timezone difference, they're very reliable and a pleasure to work with!”

Chris Mele
Managing Director, Siberia

“Aldo is my go-to when I or my clients are looking for talented engineers that *deliver*. The overseas talent Aldo brought in to our projects has been top-notch.”

Michael Forte
Founder & CEO, the xyz co.

“During the pandemic we decided to build a tool to help increase participation and connection in virtual meetings. We partnered with Aldo to onboard Vlad, a senior full-stack JS developer. Vlad worked alongside our Austin-based lead developer and was instrumental in accelerating our time to market. I was highly pleased with the experience and the results. Vlad was easy to work with and the product is in great shape!”

Douglas Ferguson
Founder & CEO, Voltage Control

How Aldo Works

Tell us your vision

Let's start by understanding your company and the kind of developer you're aiming for. Share with us the essence of your product or service, your team dynamics, and the attributes of your ideal developer. Every business is unique, and top-tier developers? They're keen on joining a place where they fit right in.

We handle the groundwork

Chances are, we'll have a developer (or a few!) in our network ready to get interviewed for your team straight away. How do we get our developers network to grow? We're continuously sifting through the talent from over 300 job boards and local tech communities. We cut devs who lack outstanding experience, then conduct interviews focused on soft and hard skills, so that you have immediate access to these devs. With Aldo's roots deep in the U.S. startup scene, we know what you're looking for, and we're pretty good at finding it.

You get the final say

We'll present you with a curated list of standout candidates. From there, you take the lead—interview, discuss, and determine who's the right fit for your team. Most of our partners find their ideal match in just a few interviews. Once you've made your choice, we'll help streamline the onboarding process, ensuring everything's in place.

Help me find what I've been searching for

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Aldo better than a traditional recruiter?

– We specialize on finding overseas talent and we've been doing it for over a decade.
– We're run by startup founders and CTOs, so we deeply understand expectations of a company like yours.
– We pride ourselves on having the highest signal/noise ratio in the industry. We take care of the screening and the initial technical interview and disqualify 95% of the unfitting talent early.

Are you a dev shop?

We're not a dev shop. Aldo is a headhunting agency and a platform that helps you find developers that you employ through Aldo as an EOR. You can also choose to pay a recruiters fee and employ the talent directly.

We help you find the individuals that will become some of the most loyal and productive members of your team.

I don't want to deal with international payments or compliance.

Great news! You'd be making your payments to our US-based business entity, while we take care of all the legal, hr, tax, compliance and payment shenanigans for your new staff.

I'd like to do the recruiting myself, but I've never hired overseas talent before.

If you have the time and energy to do your own hiring, but never hired overseas talent before, we're offering consulting and training sessions to increase your efficiency. Email us at for more info.

Could find the answer you are looking for?

Send us an email at and we will help you to get all your questions answered.

They Can't Stop Raving About Aldo

“In the Summer of 2022 we decided to finally start expanding what used to be our development team of one. We interviewed only a handful of candidates before making a decision to hire. The new team member is stoked to be a part of our team and has been writing code of exceptional quality!”

Michael Marston
Founder & CTO, Lunchdrop